Lib Dems Overseas members live in forty countries outside Europe. We have a big task ahead of us registering potential Lib Dem voters and turning out the vote. The UK General Election is approaching, We need all hands on deck.

If you would like to get involved, please sign up as a member (join). You will be automatically allocated to Lib Dems Overseas local party and we will then get back in touch with you.

If you would like to give a donation (donate) to the party in general, you would be investing in a just cause.

We are happy also to talk to you if you have any questions or any particular skills you would like to offer. Please feel free to be in touch with the Chair of Lib Dems Overseas at:

N.B. Please do not contact us with offers of services to improve website/search engine rankings etc. We do not respond to these messages. They will be ignored and deleted.

Our X / Twitter account is