Webinar: Focus on HONG KONG

WEBINAR NOTIFICATION Focus on HONG KONG   Date: 30th June. 12.00-13.30hrs UK time (19.00-20.30hrs HK time) Hosted by Lib Dems Overseas (LDO) in association with the Paddy Ashdown Forum During the process of negotiating the handover (or return) of Hongkong to China in 1997, the late Paddy Ashdown ...

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Afghanistan: Is peace unattainable?

Zoom Webinar Date: Monday 7th June. 18.30-20.00hrs UK time: 22.00-23.30hrs Afghan time.

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Spring Conference Video

The video below was produced for our Lib Dems Abroad Spring Conference virtual "stand" that we shared with Lib Dems France and Lib Dems Europe.    

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Update on the campaign for the unfreezing of pensions

In December 2020 an All Party Parliamentary Group published a report on their inquiry into the issue of Frozen British Pensions, a situation facing over half a million British nationals whose pensions were frozen when they moved to a country where the UK is not legally required to increase paymen...

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US Elections: Has the international liberal order been saved?

For anyone who missed it or even wants to revisit it again, the video of our joint webinar with LIBG is now online at the link below.  

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Response from APPG on Frozen Pensions

Lib Dems Overseas have received a response to our submission to the APPG on Frozen Pensions. The text of their response is shown below.

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Welcome to Liberal Democrats Overseas. We are the global community for all Lib Dem members and supporters who live outside the UK and Europe. Together we support the party from far and wide, holding regular meet-ups and events. #Open #Tolerant #United

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