Govt must act swiftly in face of new law to uphold promises to Hong Kong

Responding to reports that China has passed a sweeping national security law giving it new powers over Hong Kong, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson and Chair of the APPG on Hong Kong Alistair Carmichael said: “This new law crushes what was left of the ‘one country, two systems’ framew...

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ALDE statement on Hong Kong

The European liberal leadership has reacted to the new national security law: “The imposition of a wide-ranging draconian national security law on the people of Hong Kong by China has shattered the “one country two systems” agreement and marks the end of Hong Kong as we knew it. These are dark da...

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Survey on recent developments in Hong Kong

Please fill in our survey on recent developments in Hong Kong.  

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Paddy Ashdown Forum event

Thanks to many of you who attended this event "Geopolitics in the time of COVID-19". For those who didn't or who would like to review the session the video is posted below.    

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Colin's article in Lib Dem Voice

Colin Bloodworth has had an article published in Lib Dem Voice.

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Apr 2020 letter

  Dear Lib Dems Overseas, It is sad for me to address you when many of you are at home, locked down. The Coronavirus, which spread from China two months ago, is now engulfing the world. However, you will certainly be safer if you and those around you follow strictly the rules concerning social d...

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Welcome to Liberal Democrats Overseas. We are the global community for all Lib Dem members and supporters who live outside the UK and Europe. Together we support the party from far and wide, holding regular meet-ups and events. #Open #Tolerant #United

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