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George Cunningham: Chair

Asia Pacific

I aim to organise the existing members of Lib Dems Overseas for the first time into a functioning political force.

Thanks to our recent public consultation, we have now a policy paper (https://www.libdemsoverseas.com/policy_paper) for Brits living overseas, the first political party to have such a policy. Along with Lib Dems in Europe, our sister local party, we will fight Brexit and give our political party maximum support from overseas in any UK General Election.

I am profoundly internationalist in outlook, having served in New York, Brussels, Cyprus, New Zealand and Afghanistan.

I joined the Lib Dems in 2011, serving as Chair and Vice-Chair of Brussels and Europe Lib Dems 2014-17, standing for Parliament in GE2015. I initiated the creation of Lib Dems Abroad which the party's Federal Board approved in October 2017, leading to Lib Dems Overseas being formed.

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