North America Branch Exec

Liberal Democrats Overseas - North America Branch

Executive Committee



James Churchill: Chair


A mid-career professional, I have spent the last six years pivoting from an unfulfilling career in finance into a position that conserves our built heritage. Passionate about liberal values, I have lived throughout the world with a seven-year stint in Japan and ten years in Hong Kong. I am sensitive to the idea of “place,” which binds communities together and am fluent in Japanese and French, with conversational skills in Mandarin and Italian.
Over the last few years, I have become increasingly political as I watch the incumbent Conservative party tear at the very fabric of what I believe it is to be British in the twenty-first century: equal access for all, the protection of human rights, a caring and fair society predicated through policy, a fully funded health service, a true “levelling up” for the coming green revolution and closer relationships with our European neighbours.




Victoria Bateman: Vice Chair


The EU referendum made me take stock of my involvement in politics, reigniting my passion to be more actively involved with the Liberal Democrats, support fair votes for all and act to stop the climate crisis. 

I grew up in Dorset and spent my young adult life living in London before moving to Canada in 2017 settling in Toronto, Ontario. I now work in the Advertising Technology industry as a Data Manager. I have been interested in politics since my teens studying Political Science and Philosophy university. Since university I have been long-term supporter of Liberal Democrat policies.


Mark Iliffe: Treasurer


As the chair of the Lib Dems Overseas, I'm driven to help bring together people with our shared values across the globe.

A professional geographer, I live in New York, with previous postings to Washington DC, Tanzania and Uganda working primarily on developing policy and strengthening technical capacity in developing countries. After six years of being in the field, I am currently sitting behind a desk at an international organisation.
I joined the Lib Dems in 2019 and following our nascent efforts to organise our ‘local’ branch, took on the role of interim chair to help promote and foster our internationalist and liberal principles.



Nasreen Davidson: Secretary


I grew up in Brighton before heading to the City of London Polytechnic to study Business.  After joining the Student Democrats, my first step into activism was to march against the Tory government of this time, when they replaced student education grants with loans. 

New York City has been my home since 2001, where I live with my husband and two children.  I have worked in Human Resources all my career.

I consider myself a Liberal Democrat as the party has compassionate and practical social policies, is strong on the environment and international affairs.   I was very excited to join the new North America branch this year.  I am truly inspired by the opportunity to engage with fellow Liberals abroad and in the UK. 

I am determined to ensure there is a successful Liberal Democrat party that represents British values for integrity, fairness and equality at home and abroad.



Terence Champion: Membership Officer


I grew up in South East England (London,Kent,Hampshire) and graduated from Durham University where I studied Politics,Economics and Law. I live with my wife in Philadelphia and have a married daughter and two grandchildren. 
I have spent almost all of my adult life working in South and North America (Peru,Bolivia,Guatemala and the USA). Since my early thirties I have worked as a Chief Executive with both industrial and trading companies. Most recently, in the last ten to fifteen years, I have worked in a more specialised role as a turnaround for sale CEO.
I first became actively involved with the Liberal Party at university and attended a Party Conference as a delegate. I continue to believe that the Party has a very great deal to offer as it represents decentralization, empowerment, openness and fairness and, in my opinion, needs to deliver its positions with a far steadier hand. There is an immense gap in the centre that the Liberal Democrats must fill. From there it needs to take power not become an important influencer.

James Croft: Ordinary Member


I'm James Croft, a Londoner born and bred, who moved to the USA to study at Harvard before becoming clergy for a Humanist congregation in St. Louis, MO. During my time in the USA I have become deeply involved in activism, helping train politicians and leaders at the Harvard Kennedy School in how to mobilize and persuade people. I hope to use these skills to support the Liberal Democrat fightback.

I joined and was an activist for the Liberal Democrats as a teenager, and long to see the party return to the radical left-liberal politics which characterized our opposition to the Blair government. After a period of disillusionment during the coalition, I rejoined the party during the aftermath of Brexit, and am excited to work with the NA chapter to translate insights from US political campaigns for use by the Lib Dems



Steve Castree: Ordinary Member


Stephen Castree is a serial entrepreneur who has lived and worked in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda for the last 20 years having grown up in Buckinghamshire.

Having operated companies with a presence in more than 25 countries around the world, his current focus is in financial services, mine action and farming with a latest organisation focusing on climate change initiatives.

Stephen attended the Autumn Liberal Democrat conference in the U.K. as a first time attended in 2019 and holds central political views supporting the free market economy whilst focusing on provision of government services to target a balanced redistribution of wealth to ensure the divides in society are balanced and not extreme. He holds a BA Degree and MBA from the University of Birmingham, a DEUG from the Universite de Lyon, is a UK Chartered Accountant and is currently pursuing his BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the Open University.

John Surie: Ordinary Member


John grew up in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, then lived in Finsbury Park, London for most of his adult life. He has spent his career in advertising, marketing, and strategy, working with biopharma, medical technology and consumer health companies. Now a permanent resident in the USA,  John runs an international health care communications agency based in Philadelphia. A Liberal/Lib Dems voter all his adult life, John believes in liberty, equality, the free market and internationalism. He joined the LDO team in 2020 to help drive these values forward.