New Years Message

Chair’s New Year Message


Dear Lib Dem Members and Friends,

May I wish you and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

May you stay safe wherever you may be.

Thank you for voting in the new Lib Dems Overseas Executive for 2019 (our team). We will aim to serve you. Please be in touch (contact us).

2019 is likely to be a very challenging year, especially for liberalism. On the agenda, we have a likely Brexit on 29 March (although anything can happen), European Parliamentary elections in May where the far-right is trying to gain ground, as well as attempts being made to subvert our democracies and values in the context of the continuing destabilisation of the international system. 

As liberals, wherever we may be in the world, we need to stand our ground. We need to develop liberalism where conditions permit whilst reforming our own politics to be closer to the people.

Lib Dems Overseas is committed to play its role on behalf of the Brits who have made their homes abroad, in conjunction with our fellow sister parties, Lib Dems in Europe and Lib Dems in France.

In 2019 we hope to have the first-ever policy of any UK political party specifically for Brits living abroad. In this respect, I urge you to participate by giving us your views on our very simple 5-minute questionnaire at (policy consultation), irrespective of whether you are a party member or not.

If there is a People's vote on Brexit, Lib Dems Overseas will play its role in pushing for voter registration of all Brits abroad who have the right to vote. Please register now (register) if you have not done so yet. And then we are of course, the only UK party which is wholeheartedly campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union.

Tell your family and friends about Lib Dems Overseas. Join the Lib Dem party, connect with us on Twitter @LibDemsOverseas and work with us for a better future (join).


Best wishes.

George Cunningham, Chair,

Lib Dems Overseas. 


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