Duty of Care


The below letter was sent to Lib Dems Overseas members on the 18th March 2020.



The rapid spread of the coronavirus across the world has caused great anxiety among those of us abroad in particular. Flights are being curtailed for those of us who rely upon and treasure maintaining links with our home country. We are told to isolate ourselves and cut social contact. Many live in countries where the health service is inadequate or is about to be overwhelmed. Many of our members also fall into the most vulnerable group and, of course, have very limited resources because of frozen pensions.

Already before the crisis happened, the Lib Dems Overseas executive had decided that it would offer a duty of care service to its members. This was based on the experience of mentoring a member with mental health issues in South America last year. A way was found exceptionally in this individual case to have him evacuated to the UK for NHS treatment.

Each of our twelve executive members are ready to take on cases. We cannot offer funds but more someone for members to talk to about their issues and try to find solutions together. Though our executive are not formally qualified in any form of counselling or psychology, we are all in similar positions and pleased to support our membership base. 

Plenty of news is available about how we all need to fight this virus. However please be careful as fake news abounds also. We have created a special web-page with the most basic advice which you are welcome to look at.  https://www.libdemsoverseas.com/covid_19

Please contact us on [email protected] if you would like to be in touch about your situation.

Best wishes.



George Cunningham, Chair,

Lib Dems Overseas.

Liberal Democrats Overseas

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